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“DAEGU” is the fourth largest city of South Korea with 2.5 Million residents and the people of DAEGU love chicken. It’s no coincidence Daegu is known as the Chicken Mecca of the world. With nothing left after the Korean War, the city of Daegu began producing and supplying poultry to feed its citizens. During the 1960s and up until 1980s, it was discovered that drinks were best accompanied by chicken. Today the practice is so popular the korean people have coined a phrase, “chi-mac”, which means chicken and beer.

From a long history and strong love for chicken, we are proud to introduce and serve DAEGU CHICKEN in northern New Jersey. We are committed to using quality ingredients from locally sourced markets and prepare our fresh chicken daily.

Our mission is to spread the love of DAEGU chicken. One taste and you will know the difference.

DAEGU CHICKEN is ready to take your order. Call us now.

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